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Train Industry Crises

Train Industry Crises And Where Can Minicabs Help?

Thousands of journeys came to halt yesterday for trains coming into and going out of London. Train operators gave warning that these disruptions would likely to continue with delays at various stations of London. Two of the worst affected train stations were King Cross and Paddington. The primary reason reported was overrunning of engineering works. The King Cross station has started working this morning as per Network Rail operator.


However, the disruptions will continue at Paddington Station as per First Great Western operator. And the timetable for King Cross has already been revised to cater to this transportation catastrophe unfolding for the average Londoner.

The minicab industry that has been direly seeking opportunities to gain new business can take advantage of this situation. They can perhaps offer special services to the stations where the passengers have been stranded for long. A lot of trains leave from London to Heathrow airport which is the central hub for traveling into and out of the UK. Minicab companies can start special services carrying passengers from these stations to Heathrow and other airports.

26th March 2015 12:39:05